Vaccines and Reflux…

I have heard and read of many many mothers saying that their babies reflux flared up after they got vaccinated. When my boys were babies… I can honestly say that I did not notice whether or not vaccines made their reflux worse. They just seemed so miserable so much of the time so if the vaccines did make them worse I didn’t connect the two. Plus for some babies vaccines may not affect them for several weeks or ever a months or two.  And of course some may not be affected at all.

I plan to someday when I have time….. do some research on how vaccines affect children with digestive problems because I keep coming across information talking about it. Please… no one take offence at the articles I post here. I am just posting them here as I come across them, in case someone would find them of interest.

2 thoughts on “Vaccines and Reflux…

  1. Vaccines DO cause Autism. Just letting you know that Congress added it (finally) thank God, to the side effect list for vaccines.

    1. Thank you for sharing that information. Very interesting and good to know! Is there a site somewhere online that tells about this, that you could post a link to? I’d like to read the details about it.

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