Recorded Calls (with nutritionist, doctors, and experts) About Digestion; Very Informative…

Twice a month Shan (owner of Core Health Products and nutritionist to the Pro’s) has very informative conference calls with different guests on them speaking.  They are recorded so I have copied and pasted a couple of  them here. If you would like to know when Shan is having these calls live, “Like” Core Health Products on Facebook and you will receive notices of upcoming calls. Or you can subscribe to their newsletter here.

Ask The Experts call was with guests Dr. Patrick Vickers (renowned Gerson Therapy Cancer Doctor) and Billy Wease (Natural Alternative Pharmacist) . They answered many questions including how to treat parasites, other digestive issues, and acid reflux.

I posted a link to this Experts call on a forum and here is a comment that was made by someone that had contacted me after finding this blog.  Her comment… I posted my question to ask the experts on the Core Health Products facebook page and they answered my question right away live on call! They gave lots of helpful advice about probiotics, enzymes, intestinal parasites, acid reflux and many other health topics. After the phone call, speaking with Martha via email, reading Martha’s blog, and doing my own reading about the Core Health Products I really do believe that they truly care about providing accurate information and quality product to anyone who needs improvement in their health. I haven’t yet tried their products, but I ordered myself some of their Digestive Health (which should arrive any day now). I am excited to start getting my body healthy and have my digestive IBS problems be a thing of the past! Thank you to Martha, Shan, Dr. Vickers, and Billy Wease for the advice and a glimmer of hope! :)

I encourage everyone on this site to check out the Core Health Products. Even if you don’t want to order products from them, they have lots of informative videos to watch that may be helpful. I understand how it is when you get to the point where you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re willing to do ANYTHING to feel better. I believe that knowledge is power; the more you can learn about your body the better chance you have of helping it heal and work properly. 

Essential Fatty Acids Announcing our Core EFAs, a complete Omega Essential Fatty Acid product, joining our exceptional line of products.  Do you suffer from memory loss or have a hard time concentrating or focusing? Is depression or mood swings something you or your loved ones struggle with?  Is your LDL cholesterol levels higher than your HDL? Are you looking for ways to stay and feel younger? Well, no need to search any further! Join us tonight to learn all the amazing benefits packed in our easy to swallow, highly absorbable Pure Krill Oil product.

How to be alkaline in an acidic world Join Shan and Dr. Horst Filtzer, World Renowned Alkaline Expert, as they share the principles in how to live an alkaline lifestyle. Discover how enzymes and alkaline water work synergistically together to reduce acidity throughout the entire body. If you or anyone you know as taken the first steps of alkaline living by changing their water, don’t miss out on this call to learn the important role enzymes play in the complete body transformation!

Enzyme Nutrition  Listen to Shan teach on the importance of Enzyme nutrition!



To learn more about the symptoms our children suffered from and what we found to help tremendously with their reflux and digestive problems, go to my Home Page

Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, and Shiloh Beth


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