Probiotics and Enzymes SAVED our Lives!

This is the testimonial that a mom wrote to another mom when I asked if she would share her story…. Then I asked her to forward it to me….

Firstly a big hug and lot of prayers for you.I can totally relate to you.
My name is Priya, blessed mom to 19 month old beautiful twin girls.
I know Martha for the last 2 months. She saved our lives!!!

A little background:

Me and my dear husband were blessed with beautiful healthy twin girls on Nov 2012. i delivered at 37 weeks. We were over cloud 9…thanked God for healthy babies.

First two months were just fine.Though i couldn’t nurse them;i pumped religiously and fed them mostly pumped breast milk and just 1 bottle formula.Around 3rd month,one of our baby Saavna started rejecting bottles.We tried every nipple/bottle.Tried feeding in dark room,with /without music, with/without distraction.Our pediatrician just ignored the issue stating i was just a stressed out twin mom 😦 ….It used to take 1 hour 45 mins just to feed 2-3 oz formula.And when we try to burp her,she will throw up everything she drank. I was ignoring my other baby all this time and felt like a horrible mom 😦 .. .My babies were on the bottom of the growth chart…

Saavna had barium study done,x ray ,ultrasound and endoscopy,which showed acid reflux.By this time,she developed extreme oral aversion…she was given Zantac and then Prevacid.None of the medicines worked. That’s when i contacted Martha.She is truly an angel .i started giving our babies Digestive health( probiotic+digestive enzymes) .FIRST WEEK ON THIS PROBIOTIC WAS HELL.I spoke to Core health company guy( sorry forgot his name) and he said this side effect is quite common and its just temporary and is called Herx reaction.Its basically like a cleansing process of the gut.We started noticing the change after the first week.She didnt throw up after that at all and her reflux was GONE!! Now she takes 3 probiotics a day and is 100% reflux free and is gaining weight. I just wish i would have met Martha when my babies were aroung 3-4 months old.


To learn more about how and why probiotics and enzymes could possibly help you or your child,  please read my Home Page.

To learn how to find a good quality probiotic and enzyme supplement, go to How to Choose the Right Probiotic/Enzyme Supplement.


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