Micaela’s Story…

The other day I received an email titled. “Reflux Gone Thanks to Your Story”. My husband was standing near so I said “Listen to this” and starting reading the email to him. When I came to the part that said “we had a loving, happy little guy” I choked up. I could hardly read anymore. I felt very privileged to be able to help her and her child. I asked her if she minded me sharing her story and she said that was fine. So I will copy and paste the email she sent! It is very detailed which is great but if you just want to read the part about how probiotics and enzymes helped her child then go down to the writing in bold.


I just wanted to thank you for the blog that you wrote about Reflux. My son suffered Silent reflux since the first day I started feeding. I want to share my journey with you. I am 24 yrs old, first time mom and really exited with the birth of our first son. I read a lot, bought DVD’s, hypnosis CDs, etc to prepare my self for a natural non medicated delivery. Little did I know that things don’t always are what you planned. A day before my 40th week my water broke but I never had any contractions, not even braxton hicks. So my husband and I rushed to the hospital (still I with no paint at all) and I was admitted at 12 am. They checked me and I was 4 cm dilated. So I just needed the contractions to start the process and we waited until 4 am, still no contractions so they checked me again and turned out I had a fever and told me that that could cause the baby a possible infection, that they needed to induce me, so that’s when it all started going wrong. I was injected pitocin and the contractions started really bad, and I had read that they are stronger than the natural ones so after an hr a nurse came in and told me that it was going to be probably 5+ more hrs of contractions like that to become fully dilated, she suggested I get the epidural and when you are in that kind of pain of course your going to say yes so they did the epidural (lowest dose) and at 8 am i told me husband to call the nurse because I was feeling this really bad urge to push so Midwife to check me and told me that the baby was big and that i’ll be better to wait for my body to push it down, So I waited as much as I could that ended up being an hr which I tough it was eternity. Midwife came in an it was only 45 mins for my Leo to be born July 1st, 9:45 am, he weighted 8 lb 15 oz and measured 21.5 inches. We were really happy that we finally had him with us even thought the natural birth plan went to drain but you forget that as soon as you hold him. So my plans were to breastfeed, I also read and researched a lot and attended classes regarding breastfeeding. Nurses came in to teach me how to latch him correctly and feed him. He was latching fine and sucking strong so that was a good start, I got many complements about his latching and sucking. So at the 2nd day in the morning I told a nurse that he was not getting anything from my breast because I will squeeze them and not even a drop will come, she told me that he was getting what he needed which because his stomach was the size of a nut so he did not need much anyways. So that night we went home and we had a appt next day with the lactation consultant. So we went in and told us that we were doing a good job with him since he was latching fine and had a good suck but I was still concerned about my milk but she told me the same thing, that he was getting what he needed since you produce little milk the first days. At the end of the check up she weighted him and he was down to 8 lb 1 oz and told me that it was normal for them to loose weight the first 2 weeks but needed to make a follow up appointment to check him again 2 days later so we went home and that’s where the nightmare started. He begin to cry non stop at 5 pm, and we did not know what to do. And not to mention I am an only daughter, my dad left when I was born so my mom is all I have but she is not in the country so I felt really really alone not knowing what to do plus I don’t have any support from other members of my family. So we checked his temperature, he was having wet diapers so I assumed he was getting something out of my breasts. Nightmare continued until 6 am when I noticed that he was pushing my breasts and refusing to suck. That’s when I told my husband I don’t think he is feeding at all, that’s why he is so mad because he sucks and sucks but nothing comes out. And early morning was the 4th of july so I was afraid many stores were closed, but he was able to but a bottle and formula from a 24 hr pharmacy at those hrs. So we finally gave him formula and he feed 2 oz and went to sleep right away, I was relieved but devastated because my milk was not coming in. So the following days we continue to feed him formula and would still but him to the breast to stimulate milk production. When we had the appointment with the Lactation Consultant we told her what had happened and she just told us to keep latching him and wait for milk to come in. On the 7th day I notice a drop of mil coming from my breast and I was so happy but Leonardo no longer wanted the breast because he got used to the bottle, I tried really hard but it will just make him mad so I ended up renting a pump from the hospital and pumped religiously every 2-3 hrs and I was devastated because I was getting maybe 1 oz a DAY, by the 2nd week I was getting maybe close to 2oz a day so I gave up and cried a lot, I feel a bad mom for not being able to breastfeed. 
Since I had no experience with newborn I though it was normal for him to make that gulping sound when swallowing, and he was always arching his back, and moving a lot while feeding. Finally at week 3 he started to cry while feeding but he was still feeding, I notice that after feedings when laid down he was making this gulping sound followed by coughs and choking episodes with milk coming out of his nose. He had a lot of wet hiccups followed by painful face so i decided to make and appointment and the Dr told me everything was normal, that he had colic maybe but it will pass. 
Since he was gaining weight just fine, it was hard for me to convince them that something was wrong. And since he was not vomiting reflux was quickly discarded. It was painful to watch how my 1 month old was in pain while eating. By 6 weeks,he was crying more and had a hoarse voice, asthma like breathing, wheezing and he was always congested. 
I just knew something was wrong so I began doing a research and I came across a forum where it mentioned silent reflux, I them went to search for the symptoms and Leo had them all so I went back to the Dr with that information and finally he was diagnosed with silent reflux. He was put on Zantac twice per day but it did not make a difference so after a week I went back and got switched to Prilosec but it did not work either so Dr recommended adding cereal to his formula, so we did and that helped. We were fine for the following 2 weeks but then it was time for the 2 month check up and vaccines. He was checked and I was told he was growing normally and then was given the vaccines. A day after we were back with all the symptoms and not even the cereal will help, I emailed my Dr and told her that it was too much of a coincidence for the reflux to came back a day after vaccines and she insisted that there was no link between vaccines and reflux and that reflux usually gets worse between 2 and 4 months, she was ready to refer me to a GI specialist since she did not know what to do from there.
So I went back to doing research on Reflux and found that there are some complaints about HEP B vaccine causing reflux but that’s another story. Going back to the story, that’s where I came across your blog in a forum and I read your story. I really admire that you went through reflux for yrs with your kids and I am glad that I only went though it for 2 1/2 months thanks to you. So I denied the referral to the GI and order the Probiotics/Enzymes, I remember I started him on a thursday and friday, saturday and sunday were the worst days for my Leo but I had also read the side effects and detoxification process so I waited and on Monday we had a loving, happy little guy. I was still skeptical that he was going to regress but no. Every day is better and better, he now started to  giggle and laugh and he started sleeping throughout the night. I has being a month from his recovery and I  thinks it’s all thanks to the probiotics. He does not need cereal on his bottle anymore. I am just hesitant about next round of vaccines. Do you have any thoughts or advice on vaccines? If not don’t worry I am probably doing an alternative schedule with only the really necessary vaccines involved, (no hep b).
Thanks again for reading such a long email and you should be proud for helping mothers on their journey with reflux.


To learn more about the symptoms our children suffered from and what we found to help tremendously with their reflux and digestive problems, go to my Home Page

Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, and Shiloh Beth



6 thoughts on “Micaela’s Story…

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to update on Leo’s reflux situation. Its gone and has been since starting him on the Probiotics/Enzyme formula. At his 4 month check up the Dr was amazed with his progress and now I have a healthy happy boy.

  2. Hello Julia,
    What I did with my son is open the capsule, mix it with a little water and he would take it on a dropper.

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