The Link Between Learning Disabilities, Nutrition, Vaccines, and Digestive Problems…

I have read about and heard of so many children that have digestive problems and also learning problems that I started doing some research on it to see if there was a connection. Here is some of the information that I have found.

This article was written by a doctor/mother. She explains how digestion problems play a huge part  in children that have learning disabilities and problems like autism. She also explains what kind of an effect vaccines can have on children with digestive problems.  This is a MUST READ for any parent who has a child suffering from any kind of neurological problem.

Diann Craft is a well known teacher and speaker for children with learning disabilities. I attended a seminar of hers just to gain knowledge and it was extremely interesting. Here is a link to a very good article on her site.  It is titled “Hidden Allergies and Learning”. I highly recommend purchasing her “Biology of Behavior” CD and listening to it!

Another really good article about probioitcs and brain function…

You can call this number (it is a recording) to listen to a well known brain doctor (Dr. Corrine Allen) as she talks about treating learning disabilities.  605-475-4099   passcode 513641#   ref. number 38#.

You can learn more about how important it is to properly hydrate the brain to be able to learn properly here.


To learn more about the symptoms our children suffered from and what we found to help tremendously with their reflux and digestive problems, go to my Home Page

Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, and Shiloh Beth


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