Our Healthy 3rd Child… Because I Took Probiotics and Enzymes While Pregnant and Nursing!

Shortly before I got pregnant, Quinton was asking when we were going to have another baby and I told him that Daddy and Mama wanted one too but it was up to Jesus. So him, Jackson, and I knelt down and prayed for a baby. After Quinton was done and we were getting up from kneeling he said, “Oh, one more thing.” So we knelt down again and he prayed, “And Jesus, please make it be a girl.” I was really impressed with his faith and decided that I should have a faith more like him.

When I was first pregnant I heard of someone that had named their girl Shiloh because it meant “peace”. I right away asked my husband if we could name our baby that if we had a girl. He also really liked the name so it was decided. I was quite sure that we were going to have a “peaceful” baby girl. :) I later found out that her name also meant “gift from God” and decided that her name definitely would fit her.

Our beautiful baby girl Shiloh Beth, was born at the end of October. (A year after I learned about Core Health Products.) While pregnant I took 2 Core Health packs a day (daily vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, etc.) and 2 Digestive Health pills a day. (Shan said that when taking the Core Health packs it wasn’t necessary to take a prenatal vitamin.) When Shiloh was born I was very hopeful but very nervous. I knew the pills had made a HUGE difference for my boys with their digestive problems, but I was afraid to believe that I could have a baby that didn’t cry all the time.

For the first week of her life I held her pretty much all the time because I felt that “what if…” and I knew that if the digestive problems set in, it would no longer be fun to hold my baby. I knew that all her cuddliness would leave. I didn’t avoid any kinds of food but watched her with a close eye for any problems. Every time she let out even a squeak I would think “Oh, here we go”. But I was always pleasantly surprised to find that it was only due to being hungry, tired, or needing her diaper changed. I thought to myself, “If we can make it a week without problems then I’ll believe”. At a week old all was well so I said, “Two weeks”. During that second week I could see that there were NO problems and at the end of the week I started to relax a little more but said. “Three weeks, then I’ll really believe.” Finally when she was 6 weeks old and still had no problems, I really believed !!!

I find myself often holding my baby just because it feels so good to snuggle with a snuggly baby that isn’t crying. When I look into her eyes and she smiles at me it makes we want to cry tears of happiness. I feel so relaxed with her. There just isn’t that stress of “what’s wrong?”, and “what did I eat that I shouldn’t have?”, pacing the floor for hours, and getting no sleep. It feels good to me that I am doing something “right” for my baby this time! With the boys I often felt like it was all my fault that they were in such pain.

I am so thankful to God for steering me in the right direction to find answers but along with that I have felt like God wants me to share with others what I have found. And I am MORE than happy to do that! 🙂


One mom said she was nursing her little one and taking 3-4 Digestive Health a day and didn’t notice a lot of difference in her little ones pain etc. Then she upped it to 6-8 pills a day and it made a HUGE difference. She was taking 2 with every meal and one with every snack. In the first couple of weeks after Shiloh was born, I took the 2 packs a day (which each contains a Digestive Health pill) and then on top of that I took at  least 4 more Digestive Health. After a month of her doing so well, I started to back off and eventually just took a pack at breakfast and supper and a Digestive Health at lunch and with any snack that contained dairy. If you are taking a prenatal vitamin that you are satisfied with, then taking the Core Health packs would not be necessary.

Liz Bailey, the wife of Chris who answers all Core Health Products calls, wrote up an article about her pregnancy journey. At the bottom of her article is her “pregnancy protocol” telling what supplements etc she took while pregnant. Liz’s story!


To learn more about the symptoms our children suffered from and what we found to help tremendously with their reflux and digestive problems, go to my Home Page

Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, and Shiloh Beth



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