How to Get my Child to Take Probiotics/Enzymes When He/She Can’t Swallow Pills…

It is better to not give in a bottle with milk because the enzymes and probiotics will mostly be used up on that one bottle instead of helping build up the system. But if that is the only way that it works to give it, it will still help. Some say that the there are small specks that clog the nipple.

The better way to give it is to open the capsule, mix it with 2 or 3ml of water, formula, or breastmilk and give it with a dropper. With an older child you can mix it with juice or a spoonful of food. You can also mix it in a jar full of baby food, yogurt, etc as long as it is eaten fairly quickly. My little girl got to the point where she wouldn’t eat baby food unless there was some of the pill in it. I guess it added some flavor. 🙂

Another idea would be to mix with a powder/chocolate drink. Here is a link to the one I would recommend as it is very nutrient rich,  is made of all whole food ingredients, the ingredients are not fractioned are synthetic, and most all of the ingredients are organic. Many of the children that have digestive problems are underweight so this is a very healthy option for them.

One mom said she melted chocolate and then when it was cool but still soft she opened the capsule and mixed the amount she wanted in with a small amount of the chocolate. Then she froze the chocolate pieces and gave her child a “candy” when he needed it. This seemed like too much sugar to me but if there was no other way to give it to your child it would probably be better than not at all.



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Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, and Shiloh Beth

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