Can I Get Enough Probiotics From Eating Yogurt?…..

“I don’t need probiotics; I eat yogurt!”…….

The yogurt industry touts that in a mere two weeks after consuming three to four yogurts daily, you will be “regular” again and free of digestion upsets. Well, let’s look into their claims by understanding what exactly is in those wonderfully packaged products.

  1. After cultured milk, sugar is the next largest ingredient at a whopping 20+ grams a serving and that is added sugar so it doesn’t account for the sugar coming from the fruit sources. Sugar is the number one cause of probiotic imbalances. It weakens the immune system and feeds the unhealthy bacteria in the activa deckbody. As those bad bacteria are digesting the sugar, they expel gases that lead to bloating and unpleasant digestion issues. But wait, wasn’t the yogurt supposed to alleviate those issues and do the exact opposite? Hmm..let’s continue 
  2. Cultures added to the yogurt. As you can see in this example, there are 3 active cultures added to the pasteurized and homogenized milk. There are a few unknowns to their added cultures though- how much is added and how “active” are those cultures by the time you consume it. One major area that we at Core Health Products differ with the yogurt industry and many probiotic manufacturers out there is the refrigeration of probiotics. If you have to refrigerate probiotics (35-38 degrees) to keep them alive, then how alive will they be when you take them into your body which is 98.6 degrees? Not only is temperature a key element to be examined but pH levels of the stomach and GI tract are also equally important. Acidophilus is the most well-known probiotic sold in the market today but is not designed to be able to withstand the high acidic levels of the lower GI tract so therefore only aids in upper GI issues and will not address symptoms such as Irritable Bowel, Yeast Infections, Inflammation in the lower GI region and the list goes on. With the cultures used in this example, you would need to eat 5 gallons of this yogurt to even see a small benefit for your indigestion issues. Did Jamie Lee forget to tell you that in her commercials?
  3. Crunch the numbers. If you go to the most popular yogurt site and read their recommendations, they say you must consume 3-4 yogurts daily along with a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for their yogurts to help with your digestion issues. If you do the calculations on consuming 3-4 yogurts daily, the cost would $42-56 dollars on average for just two weeks!! That is not only a lot of money to spend on just yogurts but it’s also a lot of time and hassle of always keeping it refrigerated plus let’s not forget about how much sugar you would be consuming on a daily basis in just yogurt! Come on now, can you really see through the smoke screen here to who is benefiting most from those recommendations and commercials?

Consuming yogurt as a snack is great but thinking it’s the best way to get all your beneficial good bacteria is not. Hopefully you are able to better understand our perspective and not fall victim to the deceptive commercials that run continuously.

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