Water… Alkaline Water…

Kangen water, probiotics and enzymes are an extremely powerful combination to combat digestive problems! If you haven’t read how probiotics and enzymes helped our children, then please read go to my home page to read about it.

When our children were ages 1 and 3 they were both still taking Prevacid and avoiding all dairy, soy, and some other foods. Out GI doctor wanted to have a  a scope put down my 3 year old to see why he was still having problems. I was really afraid that this would not give us the answers we wanted but I didn’t know what else to do. So, I took my son off of Prevacid to see how bad he was without it. By day 3 I could tell he was having more reflux and by night 6 six he cried for 2 hours straight due to pain. I was ready to put him back on Prevacid and have the scope done. But the next day a friend suggested we give our sons alkaline water to see if would help them. I had little faith but got a gallon of water the next day for them to drink. My 3 year old drank only water all the time anyway so I filled his cups with the alkaline water that day. The next morning I was shocked that my son not only had slept all night but he slept for 10 whole hours!! We continued to give him alkaline water and were very very pleased that he never had to have the scope done and didn’t have to go back on Prevacid. I started making my younger son’s bottles with the alkaline water and slowly weaned him off Prevacid. My boys were happier without the meds and just drinking alkaline water. I was extremely excited that I had something that gave me instant results. This water did not cure them or make it so they could tolerate dairy or their other offending foods. But I found that the more they drank, the happier they were, and the better they slept at night. When they did wake up at night from restlessness/crying from tummy pain, I would make them drink several good swallows of alkaline water and it settled their tummies right down and they could peacefully sleep. 🙂 That has never ceased to amaze me!

A year later we learned about digestive enzymes and probiotics and soon found that with alkaline water, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, my children can now eat any and all foods!!!!  To learn more about that go to my Home Page.

Alkaline water is something that can purchased in some health food stores. But there are also many types and brands of devices and machines out there that make fresh alkaline water in your own home.

We own a water ionizer that changes our tap water into alkaline water.  The alkalinity of the water is just one of three properties of our water . So, although you can buy alkaline water, it probably won’t be as beneficial as the alkaline water that is made at home fresh with a water machine. The water that our machine makes is called Kangen water.

The second propertyof Kangen water is ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Kangen water is a wonderful antioxidant.

The third property is micrclustering. When the clusters of the water are broken down they are more easily absorbed by the body and therefore more hydrating.

The water machine is hooked up directly to our tap water and separates the water using the minerals that are in it. The good minerals are alkaline and the bad minerals are acidic. The water runs through the machine and comes out 2 different hoses with one being for the alkaline, negative ORP, and microclustered water, and the other hose for the acidic water. With a pH/ORP meter you can test the water. The machine makes 7 kinds of water all the way from 2.5 pH to 11.5. You only drink water that is 7 (neutral) to 9.5. The other waters are used for many other things including disinfectants and cleaners.

Here is a link that shows a demo on the water that shows all 3 properties to Kangen water.  http://www.kangendemo.com/

One of the main reasons I believe that Kangenwater is so beneficial to health is that disease thrives in an acidic environment. Two ways to change our bodies to an alkaline state are…. One is by eating alkaline foods. But this alone won’t do it because stress adds more acidity to the body than the food we eat, and (if we have digestive problems) then our undigested food is more acidic to our bodies than if we drank a can of pop everyday. And the other way is to help our bodies to be more alkaline is to drink alkaline water. Most of the foods we eat and liquids we drink here in the States are acidic. Here is a link to a personal story about a woman that fought (and won) cancer by changing her diet to only alkaline foods and alkaline water. Read here to learn more. Resident Defies Traditional Medicine to Treat Cancer 

A doctor back in 1931 won the Nobel Prize for discovering the root cause of cancer. He says “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an access of H+, it is acidic; if there is an access of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.” Here is a short, very interesting article about it… Nobel Prize winner 

This is the info about a recorded call you can listen to…. 

“Join Shan and Dr. Horst Filtzer, World Renowned Alkaline Expert, as they share the principles in how to live an alkaline lifestyle. Discover how enzymes and alkaline water work synergistically together to reduce acidity throughout the entire body. If you or anyone you know has taken the first steps of alkaline living by changing their water, don’t miss out on this call to learn the important role enzymes play in the complete body transformation!” http://www.corehealthproducts.com/calls/5-8-12.mp3

You can also learn what an important role alkaline water plays in hydrating the brain by reading the page titled Alkaline Water and Brain Function.

There are many different companies out there that sell alkaline water machines. We own the Enagic brand. It’s the only brand that is an approved medical devise in Japan and is used in many hospitals over there to treat patients.

Here is a link to the Enagic website http://www.enagic.com/.

Am I a distributor for Enagic? Yes. When someone purchases a machine they can put a checkmark by a question that asks if they want to a be a distributor at no extra cost. When we first thought of buying a machine I thought we would not be a distributor because neither my husband nor I wanted to “sell” water machines. But our friend asked if we would tell people how beneficial the water was to us and of course we said yes. And his thought was that why should he “sell” the machine when it was us that told someone about it. So we decided to sign up. And beings we are enthused at how much the water has helped our children we do tell others about it. We by no means push to sell machines but we are more than happy to help you learn more about them if you are interested and help you purchase one if you want to. We have brochures, books, DVDs etc and anyone is more than welcome to contact us if interested. Lorraine is one person that has purchased a machine since I started sharing our story. Did you read her story on here? https://help4acidreflux.wordpress.com/lorraines-story/

Although there are other brands and types of water machines out there, I personally believe that the Enagic is the best. But do your own research and if you buy a different brand and it helps you or your child, then that is what counts!! 🙂


To learn more about how and why probiotics and enzymes could possibly help you or your child,  please read my Home Page.

To learn how to find a good quality probiotic and enzyme supplement, go to How to Choose the Right Probiotic/Enzyme Supplement.


Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, Shiloh, and Branson




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