Lorraine’s Story…

This is something that a mom (Lorraine) sent to me after she sent it to another mom (Federica) that is considering putting a feeding tube in her child.  Lorraine has been wanting to take the time to write her whole story and whenever she does, I will post it here. But for now she said I could post this email she sent to the other mom.

Just yesterday (Aug 6) I sent our loaner alkaline water machine to Lorraine. She is wanting to give the water to her little girl along with the Digestive Health and see if it will help her even more.

The other mom at this point has decided to wait off with the tube while she tries to treat his problems naturally including Digestive Health.

Lorraine’s story…

My heart goes out to you as i read between the lines…so much i know you’v endured! Glad you hav the courage to contact a stranger; and yet i feel i know you somewhat because of our kids food issues. i will try to make a long story short. I totally intend to post my story yet this summer but have been so busy that all i can do is flop into bed, when i know i shoud be typing when the house is quiet. Dont feel at all like a failure…my youngest is 18 mths and still only 20lbs. Mandy was born with a stomach ache! My oldest girl was too, and had same issues, but has seemed to outgrow em better. When my milk never came in on time, i went to formula after catching on she was severely dehydrated;even peeing orange acid crystals. went straight to Alimentum, a special formula for colic and food allergies. if you dont know about it, please look it up. It has been a total lifesaver. Things sorta ok, fussy tho. Then at 3 weeks old got RSV and quit drinking so bad had to be hospitalized for 3 days. so yeah, didnt get many calories so far! And the tears and the panic when you cant make em swallow…but you all about that. Tried different formulas in hosp, and seemed to drink soy. As time went on always fussing,not sleeping good. Went back to Alimentum on my own. Seemed to want to eat table food early. And i wouda never let her if i wouda known it was gona make her sick in the long run. as Martha Koehns articles explain how as infants were not born with certain stomach enzymes. They develop as babies eat. So Mandy started eating and got sick. And sicker. And i was stumped. No fever, just eating slowing down, crying and crying worse. Diarhea. Arching,drooling,raw&bleeding bum,and much more .What we went thru with Doctors too much to explain, i wil write my story soon. But they kept putting her on antibiotics and we was  desperate too. Even MRI. Was in hosp twice for dehydration. lost weight. Woudnt take a spoon or syringe, the screaming and fight not worth the calories burned! Meanwhile we watched her helplessly fade. Finally got a Dr we liked that had seen her as an infant convinced to see her. He is GOOD. Sed lets start over. Take her off all the many meds except acid-reflux, which she truly needed, and also start simple with lotsa maalox. When we got to him, he found she had thrush so bad throughout her esophagus and digestiv tract. also painful ulcers in mouth and cheeks. This burned from acid outa control. Treated all this, and she started improving after a week. But i wanted to know why she got anorexia in the first place and correct the underlying problem. Dr also prescribed probiotics since all them rounds of antibiotics had bout destroyed her stomach,killling off all good bacteria. Then i found Marthas article and knew was worth a try. Made total sense to correct her system from the inside out instead of treating problems. And this one big thing i learned and was told by many doctors with my girl that i want you to know. Babies eat only wen tha feel good…their systems govern their intake, its as simple as that. Adults eat anyway or because it tastes good. So tiny Mandy as an infant,fro example, shut down because wen she ate, it hurt. or burned. or however it felt to her. So thats why the screaming at her bottle. Refusing anything for 6 hrs at a time. U still with me am i making sense to you?! So long story short Mandy was way over a year by the time Shan Strattons digestiv blend helped her utilize her food her body so badly needed. It took only a couple days and i noticed less crying. And tears of relief rolled down my face wen she actually opened her little mouth to WANT more! Shes not cured by all means, we still have to negotiate and distract sometimes. But its more that she would rather be playing like she doesnt have time to eat! Also realized she does not enjoy eating like some kids seem too. But the acid reflux symptoms are gone, and the sour poops. It is truly amazing. off all meds execpt i still giv her maalox sometimes wen needs. She stil doesnt seem to tolerate whole milk very well, but doc figures she wil outgrow that since thats common problem. So much more could be said and i left out lotta details even tho this seems lengthy! But i just want your little son to feel good. And you too. Theres help out there and i believe these pills will make a difference for him. Us moms feel so responsible wen our kids arent at optimum health, and that is why my heart cries for you. Because i understand the stress. Im just wondering if his not eating is habit from knowing from tiny on up that food hurts, like Mandy. She acted scared to eat too. Even wen he feels better after being on these pills, it may take a bit of time for his brain to process a differnt mindset that its ok to swallow. Know wat i mean? or he may take right off. Either way, every body coud benifit from more stomach enzymes and probiotics, simplly because of the stuff in our food nowadays! Thats why this blend of digestive pill is more good than harm anyway. 

Update…… Aug 18

Lorraine is very busy and when I text her the other day and asked if the water was helping Mandy she text back “She hasn’t barfed once!! I will call you soon.” Today the mom that Lorraine had sent the above story to emailed me and asked if the water was helping Mandy. So I text Lorraine and asked if she had something good to say about the water :) and if she had time could she quick email the other mom and let her know.  Here is what she wrote to her….

Hi from Texas finally! iv sure been wondering how u are doing with the enzyme blend. Give me an update when u can. Martha texted me this morn and said you were wondering what the alkaline water was doing for Mandy. Like i mentioned to you, the pills have obviously helped but not a total fix. She is on 3 a day.They have been a miracle to get her little gut repaired from antibiotics and thrush and yeast. But still having fits with food. Like projectile puke, especially after eating a meal and then taking a bottle for a nap or bedtime…and then throwing up right after drinking it all her food that she ate hours befor not digested. sounds gross sorry! But wanted to explain how didnt seem to tolerate food. Then after that woud keep a bottle down of Alimentum. Grrrr cuz it costs very much! Like what will finally FIX her that she can EAT normal! U know the feeling. My husband refused to ever put her to bed cuz he just ended up getn puked on! Frusterating cuz the severe acid reflux symptoms gone,and skin rashes gone but ended up with touchy stomach, so after an episode woud pour maalox and Rinitidine down her throat and she acted better. Anyway got hubby finally convinced to try water machine. And i had to eat humble pie myself cuz thru the years iv known friends that claimed this water was a miracle for healing what ailed you, and a preventive for disease. Ok, so we were pretty skeptical. And let me tell u, i still have not read the information that was sent with it, or totally understand how it hydrates your cells, i just decided to wing it and use it without being persuaded by all the books and DVD’s and great success stories that are out there. And this is what has happened to Mandy, without me knowing what SHOULD happen when you correctly take the water. She started sleeping ALL nite EVERY nite since the water, waking about 600 or so for a bottle. she used to cry out a bit, or wake a few times and sip a couple ounces or occasionally refuse bottle with a sick look on her face. Now at 600 she drinks like 5-6 oz.,then naps an hour or two more. Also has not puked ONE time since machine. Even when she should!! Like iv been trying her back on reg cheese, and yogurt. which used to make her puke at nite. One thing it hasnt increased her appetite or make her want food or drink more,she hates to drink anything but her few bottles. She still will only drink when convinced a few swallows, never picks up a sippy cup on her own. Im not sure why, but it is obvious to us now that its not because sshe doesnt feel good. maybe stubborn?! maybe just taking a while to retrain brain its ok?  She will eat or drink her little bit and be happy and KEEP IT DOWN! So thats been going on now for almost 2 weeks weve had the borrowed machine. Where to from here?! im wishing it wasnt so very expensive, me and my husband grappling with this, but it is helping her overall health. And one of these days i want to know WHY and read up on it completely. I do understand the basic theory, and i have a feeling once we dive into the benifits of alkaline water we will be sold on buying one! And here i am, a believer in oxygenated alkaline water! How have things been going for you? Have the enzyme pills helped your little tyke? Im definitely not taking Mandy off of them. Her pediatrician has diagnosed her with a weak or sensitive immune system so the extra boost of probiotics and stomach enzymes are essential. So hopefully you can make sense of my late-night ramblings here and if you have any questions let me know. Good luck to you and your family! 

Hi again, i jus got thinking later about a comment i made in my last note and wanted to clarify. I wrote that the alkaline water hadnt increased her appetite? but it has definitely made her eager to eat the little bit she does, not that she’s turned into this huge appetite. i didnt want you thinking it would not help your boys appetite because i truly feel it is the ticket. But im trying to accept this,that is all she may need for her body and to trust HER instincts naturally now that she feeling good. Her pediatrician keeps reassuring me how my husband and i are both small, our oldest is slim,etc,but Its this deep fear, this “iv got to feed this child” panic us mothers have inside that wants to overwhelm me. I know she will not likely go back not eating at all and be so sick because of the knowledgs to treat it we have now…but the fear will maybe always stay with me! Just wanted to clarify that comment didnt explain it the way i wanted to when i read it over. Good day to you…talk to you later again im sure!

Update… Sept 28

Lorraine felt that the water helped her child so much that she bought her own water machine. I wish I could tell more about it but we haven’t talked to each other a lot. (too busy) But Lorraine says that someday when she has time she is going to write up her entire story.

You can read Federica’s (the mom that Lorraine is writing this to) story here. https://help4acidreflux.wordpress.com/federicas-story/


To learn more about how and why probiotics and enzymes could possibly help you or your child,  please read my Home Page.

To learn how to find a good quality probiotic and enzyme supplement, go to How to Choose the Right Probiotic/Enzyme Supplement.


Martha Koehn, wife to Russ and mom to Quinton, Jackson, and Shiloh Beth



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