FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome)…

Well, FPIES is something I honestly don’t know a lot about YET! But for some reason today I became curious to learn more about it. So, in the future I hope to be adding more to this page about it . While searching today to see if digestive enzymes could possible be beneficial for FPIES, I found a lot of interesting info. Here is what one mom says “The main thing that has helped us, IMO, is the probiotic and digestive enzymes. If we miss a day or two of those, things go downhill fast.” You can find the thread where she said this here http://community.babycenter.com/post/a25567881/homeopathic_treatments

I also found a really interesting blog that makes mention of enzymes being important.  The topic of this article is about how beneficial gardening is for our health and for children with FPIES but the blog also has a lot of other good info about FPIES. http://fpiesresourcepage.blogspot.com/

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